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Is It Time to Buy a Ring and Pop the Question?

The perfect proposal

When Is It Time to Buy a Ring and Pop the Question? For any couple, deciding what’s next can be daunting. Whether it’s marriage, kids, or other long-term plans, every couple reaches a crossroad where they ask each other: “What’s next?” No matter how long you’ve been together, marriage is a big step forward for […]

How Celebrities Help Fans Get Engaged

Adele helps fan propose in front of nearly 100,000 concert goers

5 Ways Celebrities Helped Fans Get Engaged When planning a proposal, you’re always looking to do it bigger and better than you can imagine. Even if it’s a simple proposal on the fly or something you’ve planned for a year, a proposal is a memorable moment for all involved. For some Adele While known for […]

5 Signs He’s Planning to Pop the Question

If you’ve been with your boyfriend a while, chances are you know when he’s acting off. If he’s been acting anxious, nervous, or otherwise different than normal, it may be a sign he’s planning to pop the question. Proposing brings out a swell of emotions for everyone involved. For your boyfriend, the thought of a […]

3 Fears Men Have When Proposing and How to Overcome Them

Not everyone is ready to get married. Even though you’ve been with your boyfriend for years, he just may not be ready to pop the question. Everyone gets cold feet; everyone has their reasons. If you want to encourage your boyfriend to ask you to be his wife, there are three fears you’ll need to […]