10 Romantic Ways to Propose This Valentine’s Day

Marriage proposal with the rings from Mark's Diamonds

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is certainly in the air! If you’ve been planning to get engaged, then the upcoming holiday is the perfect opportunity to pop the question. While flowers and chocolates are always popular staples, nothing matches up to promising your eternal love to your valentine.

To match the romance of the season, here are some ideas to make your proposal extra special this Valentine’s Day.


1. Scavenger Hunt

Mix in a little fun with your proposal by sending your partner on a scavenger hunt!  To make things more personal, have all the clues lead to special spots for you and your loved one. You can even use pictures for your clues (Have an old pic of you two at a local restaurant? Write “Meet me here” on the back!). Spread hints throughout your house or neighborhood and surprise them with the perfect ring at the end.

Candy Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day with Mark's Diamonds

2. Candy Hearts

Who doesn’t love candy on Valentine’s Day? Even if you’re not a fan of those little candy hearts, you have to admit they’re fun to read! Nowadays, you can customize the candy with your own message. Give a box to your S.O. with messages about them on the inside, like your cute nicknames for each other. Order a few that say “Marry Me?” and be waiting with a ring when they pick one with the proposal.

3. Eternity Ring

When you go for a meal at a nice restaurant, it is typically customary to order an appetizer to get you started. A popular trend among newly engaged couples is including a eternity band to compliment the beautiful engagement ring that you have chosen. The possibilities and styles are endless with different materials such as rose or yellow gold, colored gemstones, and fancy colored diamonds. You can start by giving your S.O. a beautifully designed eternity band to match their personality and then truly take their breath away by presenting a magnificent engagement ring.

4. Old-School Valentine’s

Remember those cartoon themed valentine’s you passed out in elementary school? Take a trip down memory lane by purchasing a box of old-school valentines to your loved one. You can even present them in a decorated shoe box, just like when you were kids! Write a little message or note on each valentine, and have the little black box with your ring waiting on the bottom.

5. Box of Chocolates

If chocolate is more your thing, grab one of those beautiful heart-shaped boxes filled with decadent candies that your valentine loves. Place the ring in the center spot of the candy tray, and present the gift as a romantic surprise. They think they’re getting a regular Valentine’s day gift, but their life will change as soon as they open the box.

6. Recreating A Special Memory

No doubt that you both share many special memories together. Why not include them in your proposal? Recreate a special moment that the two of you share, like your first date or the first time you said, “I love you.” Once you’re at the spot where it all took place, share a little speech you’ve prepared about why this moment was important to you. Then get down one knee and present them with the perfect engagement ring.

7. Romantic Picnic for Two

Restaurants are a pretty popular place to pop the question. But, if you want to make things a little more personal, consider sharing a romantic Valentine’s Day picnic for two. Pack some of your favorite finger food and a bottle of champagne (you’ll want something to celebrate with after they say yes!). Drive, walk or hike to a picturesque area near you and share a romantic meal together with just the two of you and nature. When the time is right, ask the big question!

8. Photo Album

As a Valentine’s Day gift, present your love with a scrapbook or photo album that captures your most important memories together. They’ll be touched at the effort you put in and will love the keepsake as a token of your love. Take some time to revel in the memories as they flip through the pages. Write “Will you marry me?” on the final page and once they reach it, take the ring out of your pocket and drop to one knee.

9. During a Photo

Popping the question is a memory you’ll want to cherish forever. Why not immortalize it with film? Plan a special dinner at a fancy restaurant or a date somewhere fun for Valentine’s Day. Suggest snapping a photo with your S.O. and ask a kind stranger or server to take the picture (No selfies! You don’t want to risk dropping the phone or camera.). Or, plan a meal with friends or family and suggest everyone gets in the picture – this way, you have the added bonus of being surrounded by all your loved ones and getting to celebrate your engagement right after (and everyone’s reaction gets to be caught on film!).

10. At a Special Moment

Sometimes, the best proposals happen organically. If you have the ring but still no idea how you want to propose, carry it around with you for a few days whenever you and your S.O. go on an outing or date together. The perfect moment may happen when you least expect it, and when it does, you’ll be prepared with the perfect ring. Talk about spontaneous and romantic!

No matter what you decide, the moment you pop the question will be a special one for you both. Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to pick the perfect ring to go with your proposal. Whether you opt for a classic cut, colored gemstone or something totally unique, Mark’s Diamonds has you covered! Book an appointment today to browse through our options and pick the perfect ring for your future fiancée!


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