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5 Beautiful Celebrity Engagement Rings

Gorgeous celebrity engagement rings

5 Celebrity Engagement Rings That Scream Beauty Who doesn’t love hearing about celebrity engagements? Often, these engagements and the ring that comes with it are so extravagant, we can’t help but stare in wonder. Some of these rings are gorgeous, others are so extravagant it’s a wonder these celebrities leave home with them at all. […]

If Your Jeweler Isn’t Taking Care of You, It’s Time to Buy Elsewhere

Mark Hadley Denver Diamond Expert

Getting the Most from Your Jeweler One of the biggest misconceptions about jewelers is that they’re only in it for the money. They sell you what they can, whether it’s what you want or not, and send you on your way. When it comes to buying wedding bands, engagement rings, and other jewelry, you want […]

4 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Buying Diamonds

When buying a diamond for the first time, most buyers have no clue what they’re doing. They may know a bit about diamonds but they don’t understand what they’re buying or how to ensure they’re getting a good diamond. By educating yourself before you buy, along with asking the right questions, you can buy the […]

5 Ways to Get Your Guy’s Attention Before He Proposes

5 Ways to Get Your Guy’s Attention Before He Proposes There comes a time in every relationship where you start to ask what’s next. When it comes to getting married, using one person is thinking about it a little more seriously than the other and has marriage on their mind. If that’s you and you […]