2018 Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer is right around the corner, so what is the jewelry buzz? What’s hot and trending for this summer’s sunshine?

The fashion industry say summer 2018 will be a return to rebelliousness in jewelry, so you’re likely to see people wearing necklaces and pins that are really trend and that compliment bold and colorful outfits. Another hot item is going to be jewelry with a fauna motif. These back-to-nature pieces will have everything from butterflies to snakes.

Look for people to go big this summer—you’ll see thick chains, big beads and huge necklaces. You’ll also see lots of ethnic jewelry like wooden pieces and jewelry resembling ancient amulets. Precious and semi-precious stones will also be trendy. Look for jewelry made of malachite or amethyst.

In terms of the jewelry pieces that will be popular, fashion bracelets will be very big. Bracelets are very versatile and can go with lots of different outfits. You’re likely to see bracelets wide and narrow, and made of all sorts of materials, from plastic to metal to leather—even fur. Pearls and stones will also be very prominent.

Metal jewelry is trending this summer. You’ll see lots of pieces made of just metal with no other adornment or stone. In particular, gold jewelry will be popular this summer because it is a reminder of the summer sun. Silver will also be popular, reminding its wearers of the cool ocean mist and warm wind. Dark metals will also be prominent and evoke thoughts of warm and romantic summer nights. Whether solid metal or silver or gold plated, metal jewelry will play a big role this summer for both women and men.

Size matters this summer, so look for big and bold necklaces and earrings in bright flashy colors. Designers have already debuted this oversized and exaggerated style and it is interesting. Part of this trend is ethnic jewelry trends like large African Congo earrings.

Estimated delivery by 01/30/2019

Estimated delivery by 01/30/2019

Estimated delivery by 01/30/2019

Estimated delivery by 01/30/2019

Having said that, though, simple jewelry like classic hoop earrings is always in style and will be a very popular jewelry accessory.

Branded necklaces from designers like Marchesa and Alexander McQueen will be all the rage, particularly with the wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry, since McQueen is a go-to designer for British royalty. Look for very unusual necklaces, big thick chains and chokers and necklaces with large prominent stones. Have you recently found something you like online or in a magazine? Mark’s Diamonds can bring it to life for you. Just simply schedule an appointment with us at the link below.

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Following in step with the “big” trend are large stones in a silver or gold setting or frame. These have returned to fashion. Stones will be rough cut with uneven edges. Many natural stones and minerals like quartz and malachite will be in necklaces and rings. Even look for male jewelry with opal and jasper.

Long after the summer trends are over, diamonds will be steadfast. Diamonds are a timeless classic and will certainly be around for a long time to come. There is still worldwide demand for these beautiful stones that have fascinated people for millennia.

Diamonds are both beautiful and durable; they are the hardest substance in nature. While clear diamonds are by far the most popular, these stones are available in nearly any color. Shades of yellow are most common among colored diamonds; however, you can also find beautiful designs with diamonds in gray, white, brown (chocolate), blue, and black. You can simplify them timelessly in a solitaire pendant or spruce them up with a halo or jacket.

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