3 Diamond Cuts to Consider for Your Wedding Band

After the proposal, it’s hard to imagine you’ll need to begin thinking about the wedding band you’ll wear for the rest of your life. Wedding bands can be custom made or chosen from a jewelry store’s selection. Finding the right diamond cut for your wedding band can be easier said than done, especially when you’re not sure where to start. A jeweler will listen to what you’re looking for, then show you examples of those cuts so you can see what they look like. From there, it’s a matter of choosing the diamond cut right for your wedding band.

3 Wedding Band Diamond Cuts to Consider


The round diamond cut is a classic diamond cut. The shape itself is timeless, versatile, and bright. You won’t find more sparkle than with a round cut diamond. They can be used in simple wedding bands to more creative and complex designs. Many husband and wife teams start looking at the round cut because of its popularity before deciding on how it’ll fit into the style of wedding bands they choose.


The princess diamond cut is square-shaped with intricate facets based on the diamond’s size. Developed in 1961 in London, the princess diamond cut is flirty, adventurous, and stands out on the finger. The princess cut was designed for girly girls who want something unique to wear the rest of their life. It’s also one of the least expensive diamond shapes to cut.


The cushion diamond cut is considered one of the most romantic cuts and makes for a beautiful wedding band. The cushion diamond cut starts as a rectangle then uses rounded corners for a beautiful addition to any wedding band. This cut uses larger facets to frame the diamond and was one of the most popular diamond shapes in the last century.

When choosing a diamond cut for your wedding band, it’s important to look at everything available and finding the cut that matches what you want from your marriage. While some couples choose matching wedding bands, this can influence the type of diamond cut you go with. Others choose to create a unique wedding band that showcases the love between two people.

Choosing a diamond cut for your wedding band is an intimate and personal decision for any couple, take the time to work with a jeweler who will show you what each cut looks like before making your decision.

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