3 Questions to Ask About Diamonds Before You Buy

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3 Questions to Ask About Diamonds

Buying a diamond is a big step, no matter the reason behind the buy. Whether you’re getting ready to propose or about to get married, you’re not just buying a diamond, you’re investing in one. Trusting the jeweler you decide to buy a diamond from is all part of the buying process, and these three questions will help you get the perfect diamond and trust in the purchase.

Can I See a Handful of Diamonds?

When choosing a diamond, it’s important to see several diamonds up close and personal. Every diamond is different and one may feel right to you where others don’t. By looking at a handful of diamonds, you not only can see how they stack up to one another but you can choose the right one with the guidance of your jeweler. A trustworthy jeweler wants to help you find the perfect diamond, this means showing you more than one diamond during the buying process.

How Do the Diamonds I See Rate Against the 4Cs?

The 4Cs are the primary way Americans rate the quality of diamonds. The 4Cs stand for color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Ask your jeweler about the 4Cs of every diamond you see; they can even show you other factors in different diamonds to explain the differences in the 4Cs to you. If they answer with ease, they’re familiar with the diamonds they’re showing and this should give you the confidence to choose the right one.

May I Have a Grading Report for the Diamond I Choose?

Any jeweler selling diamonds should offer a diamond report from an independent source that certifies the quality and authenticity of the stone. If a jeweler doesn’t provide this report, insist that they do; if they don’t, chances are you want to go with a jeweler who is transparent about the authenticity and quality of what they’re selling you. Most department stores can provide these reports if they can do it, so can stand alone jewelers.

When buying a diamond, it’s important to work with a jeweler who you trust to help you through the process. Making this type of buy takes thought, purpose, and patience as you find the perfect diamond for your needs.

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