4 Ways to Tell If a Diamond is Real

One of the biggest fears consumers have about buying diamonds is whether they’re real or not. Diamonds are one of the easiest stones to mimic because of its properties and the fact that consumers just don’t know how to tell the difference. However, there are things you can do as a consumer to ensure you’re buying a real diamond when talking with a jeweler. Let’s look at four ways to tell if a diamond is real before you buy.

4 Ways to Tell If Diamonds Are Real

Read Through Effect

The read through test is one of the easiest ways to determine if a diamond is real or not. As long as the stone is unmounted or loose, you can use this test. Turn the diamond upside down over a piece of paper with writing on it. If you can read the text, the diamond is most likely fake; if you can’t read the text, chances are it’s real.

Breath Test

Diamonds are an excellent conductor of heat. This means if you breathe on a real diamond, the fog created should dissipate immediately. If it doesn’t, you should question if the diamond is real or not.

Diamond Tester

If you have access to a diamond tester, this can tell you almost instantly if a diamond is real or not. These testers use thermal conductivity similar to the breath test to check whether a diamond is real or not. However, if a synthetic moissanite is being tested, it will read false positive on a diamond tester.


If you have access to a microscope or jeweler’s loupe, you can make observations of the diamond in question to determine if it’s real or not. If the stone shows what’s called doubling, which means it looks like two facet lines, it may be a synthetic moissanite; if you only see one facet line, there’s a good chance the diamond is real and should be tested with additional methods to confirm.

When determining if a diamond is real or not, it’s important to test the diamond in question with multiple methods to ensure accuracy before you make the buy. A reputable jeweler will have no issues calming your fears about the validity of your diamond; if they do, you need a new jeweler.

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