5 Signs He’s Planning to Pop the Question

If you’ve been with your boyfriend a while, chances are you know when he’s acting off. If he’s been acting anxious, nervous, or otherwise different than normal, it may be a sign he’s planning to pop the question. Proposing brings out a swell of emotions for everyone involved. For your boyfriend, the thought of a future together and planning the perfect proposal will drive him bonkers. Let’s look at five signs to look out for to determine if he’s planning to pop the question.

5 Signs to Look Out for If He’s Planning to Pop the Question

He’s Interested in Other People’s Marriages

If your boyfriend starts asking about other people’s marriages, whether you know them or not, it may be a sign he’s thinking about the future. You might be attending a wedding and your boyfriend doesn’t mind all that’s involved. He may be asking questions about what your perfect wedding looks like. These can be signs he’s thinking about proposing.

He’s Thinking About Having Kids

If your boyfriend starts asking about having kids, volunteers to babysit, or comments on children when you’re out and about – he’s thinking about the future! This could be a sign he’s thinking about settling down, getting married, and having children together with you.

He’s Talking to Your Family

If your boyfriend is talking to your family, without you knowing, or excited to hang out with them more than you’re used to, he may be planning a proposing. Men like to have approval from their girlfriend’s family before popping the question and by reaching out to them, he may be sowing the seeds to get down on one knee.

He Introduces You Differently

Depending on how long you’ve been together, you may have been introduced as the girlfriend for the longest time. As you’re together longer, you may find your boyfriend start referring to you differently all of a sudden. Now, you’re his partner or significant other. This shift in language could indicate he sees you as more.

He’s Showing His Feeling Differently

Has your boyfriend begun showing his feelings differently? Is he more talkative about how he feels about you? Is he surprising you with little gifts here or there? If he’s showing his feelings differently, something’s shifted in how he sees you and your life together which means he’s thinking about popping the question to move forward with you by his side.

Proposing is a big step for any relationship and when one, or both, of you are ready for it, subtle shifts in your behavior and his will

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