5 Tips for Taking the Best Engagement Ring Photo

Getting engaged is exciting by itself but being able to share the moment with your family and friends makes it even more special. One of the quickest and most popular ways to share your engagement is with pictures. Social networking has made this easier than ever by letting you post pictures of your engagement ring immediately online. Your family and friends will see your ring and be in awe

5 Tips for Taking Engagement Ring Photos

All about the lighting

Lighting is important for any picture but for your engagement ring, it’s key. The first step is to go outside or use a dimly lit room with sunlight. Get away from your room’s lighting! You’ll need to take at least a dozen pictures to get the lighting off your ring just right.

Play with your angles

Depending on the look of your ring, the angle you take the picture at is important. When coupled with the right lighting, you can take a professional looking engagement ring photo. Take multiple photos, move our ring and finger around to get the right angle for the picture.

How rough are your hands?

If you’re going to take the effort for a great engagement ring photo, get your nails done! Go get a pedicure, go with a clear coat, and make sure your hands look as good as your ring does. Nothing destroys an engagement ring photo quicker than rough hands taking away from the beauty of the ring.

Take many, many photos

If you take one engagement ring photo, and it’s perfect, you’re been granted a miracle. Getting the right engagement ring photo takes time and many, many attempts. Take as many photos as necessary to get the right look and feel. Don’t rush the process.

Edit the photo when necessary

If you still can’t get the perfect engagement ring photo but you’re close, you can always edit the picture. You can also use filters through apps like Instagram to add charm.

Taking the best possible engagement ring photo to share with family and friends takes patience, effort, and a little bit of luck. Take the time to get the best photo possible, because it’s a memory that’ll last a lifetime.

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