5 Ways to Get Your Guy’s Attention Before He Proposes

5 Ways to Get Your Guy’s Attention Before He Proposes

There comes a time in every relationship where you start to ask what’s next. When it comes to getting married, using one person is thinking about it a little more seriously than the other and has marriage on their mind. If that’s you and you can’t wait for your boyfriend to pop the question, here’s five ways to get his attention and encourage him to propose.

Don’t talk about getting married all the time

When you’re ready to get married, you want to share that news with everyone around you, including your partner. Talking about getting married too much can make your boyfriend nervous, anxious, and this can add to any doubts he may be having.

Show your partner what type of rings you like

One of the classic ways to show your partner you’re ready to get married is to begin showing him just what type of ring and stones you like. By giving him an idea of your tastes, this gets his imagination going on what he should buy you to propose.

Enlist the help of his friends

Everyone talks to their friends. If you have the opportunity to talk to his best friend or group of friends, don’t outright ask them about getting married. Instead, talk about how much you love your boyfriend and can’t wait to spend the future with him. This’ll encourage his friends to talk to him about the future and what comes next.

Plan a romantic getaway

Suggest a romantic getaway together and begin planning the trip. Drop hints during the planning stages that this will be a romantic way to get time together away from the daily grind. By planning a romantic trip, you start putting thoughts into his head about the future and proposing because of the romanticism of the getaway.

Talk to your partner honestly about what’s next

Talking to your partner about the future, your wants and needs, and where you see the two of you together is key to planting the bug in his ear about what comes next. Be honest, be open, and you might be surprised to find similar things on his mind, too. If being honest about what you want in life isn’t enough for your guy to pop the question, we don’t know what is.

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