Creating Your Perfect Fall Wedding

Creating the perfect fall wedding

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall is a great time to get married because of the nice weather and unique décor that you can incorporate into your special day. October is actually the most popular month of the year to get married, followed by September. Fall foliage makes for amazing pictures, and there are so many fall elements that will make any wedding the absolute perfect day. Keep reading to get some ideas for your fall wedding!

Fall Foliage Theme

Lots of people struggle to decide on an overall theme and color palette for a wedding day. But, if you are having a fall wedding, incorporating fall foliage into the design for the day is the perfect option. You can use fall foliage and leaves for table centerpieces and incorporate fall scented candles into the spread. You can incorporate fall-colored flowers into the wedding bouquets and have the flower girls sprinkle leaves on the way down the aisle. There are so many little ways you can bring fall foliage into your wedding day – it is the perfect theme.

Cozy Materials

Choosing a wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses can be a tough decision. However, if you are having a fall wedding, you can choose soft, cozy materials for your special day. Velvet is a great fabric to use in your bridesmaid dresses and will keep your bridal party warm in the chilly weather. Any velvet design will go nicely with your wedding dress, so it’s your best bet. Having a summer or spring wedding just doesn’t allow for such soft, cozy materials, but a fall wedding will give you this option.

Fall Food and Drinks

What better way to celebrate a fall wedding than with apple cider and pumpkin pie? If you have a fall wedding, you have tons of options for your cocktail hour and your dessert spread – even your main courses. Fall dishes are incredibly popular and your guests will certainly enjoy them. For example, you could start off your cocktail hour with apple cider inspired drinks.. For dessert, you could choose pies instead of cakes, and have apple pie and pumpkin pie as options for your guests. The options are limitless.

Outdoor Wedding Event

Having a fall wedding means that you can potentially have your wedding ceremony outdoors. This means that you can create your dream wedding with fall foliage and other fall decorations. You can create an archway to get married under and use fall florals to design it. You can also get married at an orchard or a sunflower field, as both would be perfect to use in the fall. If the weather behaves itself, the day won’t be too cold or too hot, and your guests will be fine outdoors. Your wedding photos can also be taken outside, which gives you so many gorgeous photo opportunities.

Simple Fall Table Linens

Your post-wedding celebration can be simple, yet elegant. Using simple linens for your tables is a great idea, and you can also use fall leaves and baby pumpkins as seating arrangement cards. Linen colors could range from beige to tan, to orange to purple. There are many fall colors that you can use to make your day special. Choosing the décor details is a lot of fun, so take your time with it and be creative! This is your special day, and you deserve to enjoy every minute of the planning.

Rustic Accents

Small rustic accents will make all the difference in a fall wedding. For example, you can use candles, lanterns and garland to spruce up a plain event area. String plain lights or themed lights with the garland for a more elegant look. Decorate your tables with these rustic accents and use them during cocktail hour and the dessert hour as well. Your guests will certainly be impressed with your good taste.

Be Creative

Most importantly, be creative and have fun with your fall wedding. Browse the Internet for ideas and keep your list handy (insert Pinterest boards aplenty here). Go shopping and get some new ideas while you are looking around. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming but it is also a lot of fun. If you are having a fall wedding, take time to create the perfect day. Good luck with your planning!

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