A diamond’s cut refers to two important aspects of a diamond. The most common aspect of a diamond’s cut refers to the shape of the diamond itself (i.e. Round, Princess, Oval, Emerald, Pear, etc.). More importantly, the cut of a diamond will dictate the way light interacts within the facets of the diamond and reflect out of the diamond visually.

Ideal Cut Diamonds

A diamond that is well cut, or an “ideal” cut diamond, will emit more light from the diamond making it appear more brilliant and fiery. A poorly cut diamond tends to appear slightly darker and without as much life. More importantly, a diamond that is excellent cut will appear visually larger than a diamond that is more poorly cut, even if the two diamonds are the exact same carat weight.

A diamond’s cut is graded by its symmetry, polish, and the properties that produce the best light reflection back through the diamond. There are three types of reflection:

  • Brilliance – a diamond’s brightness or the amount of white light that is reflected through the diamond and back to the eye.
  • Dispersion – a diamond’s fire or the appearance of rainbow-like colors. It is the separation of white light into the spectrum of colors back to the eye.
  • Scintillation – the flashes of light and color or sparkle that a diamond will emit as you move the diamond back and forth.

Cut to the most exacting standards.

This cut will maximize a diamond’s fire, brilliance and sparkle. An excellent cut diamond will have the most light returning out from the diamond itself.

Exquisite quality cut to create the optimal combination of brilliance and fire. Reflects nearly all light that enters the diamond. Top 3% of diamond quality based on cut.

This is a superior cut of diamond that reflects most of the light that enters the diamond, this cut enhances a diamond’s brilliance and fire.

A diamond with a good cut will reflect a similar amount of light as a very good cut, typically this diamond is cut to maximize size without inhibiting quality.

Fair cut diamonds will lack the brilliance of a well-cut diamond, but will still reflect some light back out through the top of the stone.

These diamonds will often have a dull and glassy look. Not much light will travel through the diamond itself.