Fashion Trends of 2022

With a new year inevitably comes new fashion trends- some we have seen before, and some that are completely new to us. To keep us all in the fashion “know,” we are going to touch on some of our favorite trends that have been forecasted for 2022 and, of course, what jewelry we would pair with each trend. Let’s dive in!

Trend #1:

Bra tops. Whether it is being worn with a blazer, an oversized button-down, or simply on its own, the bra top is back in. Jewelry pairing: Because the bra top gives a minimalist yet extremely chic vibe, we would pair it with a paperclip necklace. If you want to stay casual, you can do a dainty necklace sans diamonds or pendants. If you want your jewelry to make your outfit pop a little more, you can go for a thicker paperclip chain with pendants or jewels, as seen enlarged above. 

Trend #2:

Bright & Colorful Bags. It seems that whether the weather is sunny or snowy, bright is back in when it comes to fashion, especially with bags. Whether your outfit is super colorful and you are playing off of that, or your outfit is minimal and your bag is giving it a “pop,” you can be sure that when you body choose a bubblegum pink or sky blue you can’t go wrong. Jewelry pairing: Because you are dressed in colors and making a statement as such, your jewelry has to match. That being said, we suggest going with bold and colorful jewelry pieces to play up your outfit. We love a topaz (seen below), all shades of sapphires, and…we actually love all colored gems!

Trend #3:

(Unexpected) Cutouts. This daring and different trend is all the rage, and it seems the more unique and unexpected the amount and placement of cutouts… the better. In terms of fashion, baring skin is something we are all used to (see the fact that bra tops are in as shirts), but this is a new and edgy way to do so. Jewelry pairing: With cutouts, and hear us out, we love the idea of stripes, and lots of black and white. Even if the outfit included color, the boldness and simplicity of black and white plays well off of the cutouts. For stripes, find earrings or rings with different rows of diamonds, and keep it edgy yet chic, like the black and white diamond earrings below!

Trend #4:

“Voluminous” Outfits. Somewhat reminiscent of an 80’s party dress, big sleeves and puffy skirts/dresses are back on the scene as our final must-know fashion trend. These voluminous outfits can be fun and flirty and also classic and beautiful. Jewelry pairing: To keep the outfit fun and flirty, we would choose something equally as fun, like diamond butterfly earrings. If you want to go for a dressier look, a diamond hoop would be the perfect choice. 

And there you have it! Our favorite upcoming trends and jewelry pairings for 2022. Keep an eye out for another one of these posts every season, as fashion do’s and don’ts are always changing! To browse our selection or to come into the store for a private appointment to get your own perfect piece of fashion jewelry, click the link below. 

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