Connor and I grew up together in Highlands Ranch, CO. We fell in love fast as kids, not knowing for sure what our future held but knowing at a young age we loved eachother.

We were high school sweethearts and although we chose to go to two different colleges to pursue different things, there was no question we wouldn’t stay together and make long distance work. After four hard years apart we finally were able to live in the same place again after graduating and he kindly moved to LA with me so that I could pursue a career as a professional dancer.

It was never a question to either of us that we were going to get engaged and then married one day so we spoke about it often and Connor mentioned he wanted to look at rings to get an idea of what I wanted. We were headed to Colorado for Memorial Day weekend and he set an appointment with Mark, who designed his now sister-in-law’s engagement and wedding band. The minute we walked into Mark’s office he made us feel so comfortable and eased us into something we were fairly unfamiliar with. He showed us so many options until we found something we both loved and felt great about.

A little over a month later, Connor, Connor’s family and I were visiting my family in Georgia and we planned a day to go to a local vineyard for wine tasting. As I got out of the car I saw a private table reserved for our families covered in rose petals and photos of Connor and I over the past 10+ years. Connor took my hand and walked me over to this beautiful tree where a picnic basket covered in rose petals was laying and inside was the ring box.

Connor looked at me and said he told his mom he wanted to marry me when he was 14 years old, and ten years later here we are. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry me and I of course said yes. It was the most perfect day and we wouldn’t have been the same without Mark’s expertise help. Thank you again, Mark!