Some friends texted us a few days before “randomly” to invite us to an upscale dinner with their parents, and I conveniently got out of work early to go pick Elsa up for the dinner instead of having to meet there. 

We drove to the dinner together, and right as we were about to pass the park where we had our first date, our friends let us know that the restaurant had bumped back our reservations. 

We pulled into the park to meet them and walked along the river talking about our first date and where we have come since.  Right as we went by the place where we set up our picnic on our first date, I pulled her off the path to a little stool with a box on it that her sisters had set up there for us.

She kept saying “is this really happening?” and then said “Yes!”  The rest is history, except that she was still a little confused about whether or not we were late to meet our friends, and it turned out that I was about 50 feet off of the actual place where we had our first date.