I wanted to be more intentional with dating. So, being I wasn’t getting a ton of luck from Bumble or Hinge and wasn’t going out too often, I vowed to start going out and introducing myself to women as well as downloading Tinder. First day I downloaded Tinder was a Friday. Read the profiles, didn’t just swipe and was really intentional. Then Tiffany came up, I read it with a smile, and was like wow, she doesn’t seem like the typical gal you’d run across in the online dating world. I immediately swiped right and hoped she would do the same. Not long later that day, sure enough, the universe brought her to me. I sent her a message immediately expressing my interest with a formal and funny introduction.

Then I went back to work … Flash forward to the next day, Saturday, and she responds. Having been caught in a rainstorm on her scooter she found me on her app waiting. Intrigued, smiling, realizing I also gave her more energy then most you’d get from the online dating world. She replied. Instantly, our personalities and quirkiness hit it off. I couldn’t wait. I had to meet her. I asked her on a date for THAT evening. We met downtown and locked eyes, and I knew my life forever changed. Our first date ended up being 3 days of utter bliss together comprised of deep conversation, smiles, laughter and fun! I knew she was the one…

Flash to Monday the following week. I called Mark’s Diamonds and Lucy help set me up with an appointment for Friday. Went there with the plan to buy her a ring and maybe sit on it. Once I saw the diamond and setting I wanted, I knew I was moving forward to the proposal as soon as I could pick up that ring. Tuesday comes in, I pick it up. I plan to do a taco Tuesday date with her. I find a friend last minute who’s a phenomenal photographer. Ask her to meet us at Union Station before our 7:30pm dinner date. I walk over in front of the fountains. Tell her how beautiful she is, how much she means to me, how much I want our life together. I begin to dance with her, twirl her, then I dropped down on my knee and asked her, “Will you marry me Tiffany?” Her being completely shocked and with thoughts running through her mind at the speed of light, was stunned. Not even registered what was occurring in front of her very eyes. She looked at me, “Is this real? Are you even being real? Is that real (referring to the ring in my hand)?” I said “Yes, baby, will you marry me?” She smiles, “Yes, Matthew, Yes yes yes I will marry you!” I got off the ground and commence the kisses, the smiling, the laughter, the complete and utter bliss.

After knowing Tiffany for 24 days, we were engaged.

We took pictures all over Union Station. We smiled. We spoke to each other in love as we are. It was magnificent, perfect, wondrous, real. I knew my life would never be the same, as did she. Time does not limit love. Love limits all and brings a feeling of warmth to all it envelops. God, do I love her.