Our relationship has always been about perfect timing, and this proposal was no different! We moved from Ohio to Colorado last year and love spending our weekends taking trips to the mountains. This weekends stop, Breckenridge!

Boots ready, bags packed, we took on the Spruce Creek Trail. From what Mike says, he was so nervous I would want to turn around after falling thigh deep into the snow when we attempted to take a short cut. Thankfully for him, I just laughed it off and kept hiking along into the deep mounds of snow. Finally, a clearing opened up with a gorgeous view! Now, we always take pictures using a phone self timer, and this was no exception, so after two trial runs, Mike says, “Let’s take one more.” And here you have it, our picture perfectly timed proposal!

Thank you to everyone at Mark’s Diamonds for helping make this day one that I will absolutely never forget!