We were two and a half weeks into our three week European excursion. After lugging the ring all the way across Europe in my toiletries bag (and somehow not getting it lost or stolen) and my fiance not finding it, we made it to Santorini, Greece.

We had a fantastic day in Santorini visiting a local beach in Perissa, going to dinner and exploring the town of Oia.We made the decision to return to where we were staying in Thira to watch the sunset as we did not want to watch the sunset amongst hundreds of applauding tourists.

I grabbed a bottle of wine and we went to a terrace near our hotel. My girlfriend was being difficult at this time not wanting to go to the terrace where I had everything set up (as she knew nothing of the plans at that time). Once I finally convinced her to follow me to a beautiful terrace which overlooked a majority of the island and the central volcano at Nea Kameni we sat to watch the sunset and drank our wine.

My girlfriend wanted to take some pictures of ourselves but the selfies weren’t turning out great so I said I would find someone who would take the pictures for us. I had a hotel worker waiting at the bottom of the terrace with flowers, whom I gave the camera to in exchange for a dozen roses. I walked back up the steps of the terrace and proposed to my new fiance in front of one of the most beautiful sunsets that we had and will ever see!

She said YES and absolutely loves her new ring!