Walter and I have been dating for just under three years and have dreamed about marriage and building a life together but those dreams hadn’t begun to manifest as reality… until July 20th!

Throughout our relationship, we’ve made it a point to celebrate our birthdays amongst those we love, and my 26th birthday was no different. Walter created a beautiful summer patio celebration with dozens of friends and family members, including a few from out of town.

But this time he tricked me! This celebration had all the trappings of a normal birthday gathering. This time the plan was for me to investigate various gift boxes without opening them and then to pick one. Walter told my family members holding the gifts to form a circle around me and proceeds to blindfold me. I had no idea that they weren’t actually forming a circle of wonderful gifts but instead that his best friend was handing him my ring. I took the blindfold off at his instruction to pick my gift and BAM! He was on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him.

I sobbed and screamed for about two minutes straight before giving an enthusiastic YES! It was magical! My proposal and ring are the stuff dreams are made of and combined to create a moment I’ll never forget.