Five Spring Jewelry Styles for You to Try in 2018

Spring is the time of year in which you put away the heavy coats and dress in a way that can be much more expressive. Whether you wish to keep your attire simple, or you want to make a statement and turn heads, jewelry is always a staple in women’s attire. With March, April and May right around the corner, you always want new jewelry to mix up with your style. Here is your guide for 5 different ways to spice up your jewelry style this Spring 2018.


Floral jewelry is always a popular choice during the springtime. From pendants in the shape of flowers and earrings, to bracelets with a gold or silver vine pattern, there are many ways that jewelry designers have come up with great, attractive and creative designs for floral jewelry.

The intrigue in these appealing floral jewelry pieces comes from bold motifs and sophisticated design. Especially for pieces that imitate the look of real flower petals in a three-dimensional effect, the jewelry makes for a unique way for people to get a second look.

Floral jewelry not only accentuates shape and design, but color as well. White gold, yellow gold and rose gold floral jewelry have the capability of showing off gorgeous gemstones of one or more colors. With these precious metals, you can depict flower petals, leaves and other elements of spring, making for a timeless piece of jewelry that can stay in style for generations.

Floral jewelry is a bold, yet elegant trend that will not go out of style anytime soon. Although floral pieces can be worn all year round if you prefer, accessorizing with floral pieces in the springtime always seems to bring much more attention to the person showcasing it.


Did you know that the birthstone for March is the aquamarine? Aquamarines contain a shade of blue that is beautiful, bright, attractive and complimentary to wear. Jewelry that contains aquamarines will stand out and make a statement in springtime weather.

Aquamarine is a very versatile color that looks great with modern attire as well as more vintage, throwback attire. Regardless of what kinds of aquamarines that you buy, the greenish-blue appearance is what stands out the most. Aquamarines can come in multiple transparencies, shapes, sizes, and shades of blue.

More specifically, nothing beats the look on a finger like an aquamarine ring surrounded by remarkable diamond accents. The look is also very flattering for cabochons and brooches.

Yellow Golds

Not to be confused with regular gold, yellow gold is a vintage style metal that becomes ever-so relevant during the spring months, as well as the summer months.

But what is the difference between yellow gold and regular gold? Yellow gold is more resembling to many pleasant things that are associated with springtime, from delicate fruit, to charming canaries, to marvelous sunflowers. Rose gold and white gold simply cannot capture the same grandeur and magic of springtime quite like yellow gold.

The warm hue of yellow gold can imitate flowers quite well, and with a gemstone as its center, you have for an eye-catching brooch or ring that will go great with a nice spring or summer dress.

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Art Deco

Art deco jewelry has made a comeback over the past few years thanks to entertainment and pop culture. Art deco is a type of jewelry that is very fine-detailed and displays mesmerizing designs within designs. The art deco style is popularly used for pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and earrings. It can be artistic as well as prestigious, with patterns and designs showing numerous small diamonds. Art deco jewelry can be made in silver, gold and platinum.

Art deco jewelry is also known for bright and vibrant gemstones. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are all vibrant, high-quality stones that are used for art deco pieces, and with good reason. These gemstones help to make rings and necklaces sparkle more than they possibly can without them.

Art deco has been also incorporated into many modern pieces of jewelry, to make for creative patterns and textures that create effective, eye-catching focal points.

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is a type of jewelry that is big, bold, and often illustrious. With these grand pieces, one can either look to catch the attention or to inspire confidence and beauty within themselves. You can find earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, and bangles with stones and metals that are typically larger than two inches.

Spring is the best time to show off your swagger, and it can best be done with statement jewelry. This type of jewelry isn’t the most versatile, however. It may not go great with more elaborate outfits, but they can turn simpler outfits into outfits with a lot more flavor to them than previously.

Metals can also be considered statement pieces. Earrings and hoops are made in extra large sizes. Gold and silver chains can be created to be very thick and wide to wear around the neck or wrist. The best part about statement jewelry is that it can embody whatever your heart desires, which is the beauty of jewelry in general.

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No matter what your fancy, having the right jewelry pieces for the spring and summer will never leave you short of inspiration for a certain look or outfit. For your next jewelry style, let the experts at Mark’s Diamonds help find the perfect piece for your personal style. Click here to book your private appointment today

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