How Celebrities Help Fans Get Engaged

Adele helps fan propose in front of nearly 100,000 concert goers

5 Ways Celebrities Helped Fans Get Engaged

When planning a proposal, you’re always looking to do it bigger and better than you can imagine. Even if it’s a simple proposal on the fly or something you’ve planned for a year, a proposal is a memorable moment for all involved. For some


While known for her powerful break-up ballads, Adele is very much a fan of love. She’s helped countless fans get engaged during her tours, including a couple in Belfast, Ireland after finding out a proposal earlier in the day was answered with “maybe.” When Hayley and Neil were brought on stage, Adele prompted the crowd to chant “come on” until he said yes to his girlfriend’s proposal.

Justin Timberlake

No stranger to crooning about love’s ups and downs, Justin Timberlake has a soft spot for love connections. In 2013, after a performance of “That Girl,” Timberlake brought Josh and his girlfriend Kim on stage for a once in a lifetime proposal that she’d been dreaming about since she was a little girl. She said yes!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga throws herself into the lives of her fans so it’s no surprise she’s helped couples getting engaged and even married at her concerts. In 2014, during a performance in Manchester, England, the Mother Monster invited Jay and his boyfriend upstage for a proposal she was just as much a part of as they were.

Zach Braff

Can you believe someone proposed using Kickstarter? If you can’t, Zach Braff can make you believe in the magic. Matt donated to Braff’s I Was Here campaign on the fundraising site and asked for Braff to help him propose to his girlfriend via video as his reward.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey helped a man propose to his boyfriend who had an outrageous condition: His boyfriend could only ask for his hand if he could meet and greet with Carey. By traveling to Vegas, buying show tickets, and letting Carey know, he was able to do just that in this outrageous marriage proposal in Sin City.

Celebrities getting involved in proposals has been something going on for decades with some fans being lucky enough to see a proposal turn into something more.

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