How to Get the Wedding Bands of Your Dreams

When it comes down to getting the wedding bands of your dreams, there’s a lot you and your future spouse can do to ensure you get exactly what you want, or better yet, exceed expectations beyond your dreams! Check out Mark’s tips for finding your perfect wedding rings.

1.) Give yourselves plenty of time. As soon as you become engaged, among the many thousands of other things on your mind, start thinking about what type of wedding bands would compliment your engagement ring and suit your personal style. Many of our customers choose to have the wedding band designed alongside the engagement ring to ensure a perfect match. If you prefer to wait a bit, we like to see couples at least three to four months prior to the wedding to ensure they have the wedding bands of their dreams. In the rare situation where something goes amiss, or the couple changes their minds about the style, we like to have the breathing room to make sure you have exactly what you want on the big day.

2.) Shop around. If you decided to wait for the engagement ring to be on hand, so to speak, make an appointment or stop by our showroom to check out the hundreds of styles we have in our jewelry store.   If you’re like most newly engaged couples, you’re on Pinterest on a regular basis, and that’s a great place to start, too. Save photos to your phone or print them out so we can see exactly what you’re thinking about. If you visit other jewelry stores, take pictures, and ask for the name of the design. We can make literally anything you see or can imagine, only better, and typically at a much fairer price!

3.) Choose the metal wisely. Make an informed decision about the metal you chose for your wedding bands, especially if you have skin sensitivities. For more information, we go into greater detail in this blog post about the different metal options for wedding bands and their various attributes. We’re seeing many couples mixing metals—a white gold engagement ring paired with his and her rose gold wedding bands, for example, so don’t feel like you have to stay with the same type of metal for the engagement ring and wedding bands.

4.) Have your finger properly sized, in person, at a jewelry store. There’s nothing worse than feeling the excitement of finally getting your wedding ring only to find that it doesn’t fit. Whether your new wedding band is too small or too large, no one needs the stress of an extra trip to the jeweler just before the wedding, when there’s already so much to do and remember and emotions are running high. Be sure to have your ring finger sized at a jewelry store using metal (not plastic!) sizers. The perfectly sized ring will be a snug but relatively easy fit going on the finger, and will be slightly difficult to take off. The best time to have your finger sized is later in the day, in the afternoon or early evening, when we tend to swell a bit (there are similar tips about trying on shoes)—because you’ll want to be able to get your wedding ring off at night. A knowledgeable jeweler will be able to advise you on the best size if you feel you might be between sizes. As a general rule of thumb, you may need to size up a bit for wider rings, and may want to size down a bit for narrower rings.

Your wedding band will be on your hand every day for years and years to come. So take the time to choose something you know you will love and cherish as you look back on the day your beloved first put it on your finger. Looking for wedding the wedding bands of your dreams? Give us a call at 720-449-4117 or schedule an appointment by clicking below today!






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