Appraisal with Sandy

At Mark’s Diamonds, we offer appraisals included with all our customer’s jewelry purchases. If you wish to appraise your pre-owned jewelry pieces, Mark’s Diamonds also offers appraisals with our Certified Gemologist Sandy Kounalis. Sandy can assist you in appraising any of your jewelry pieces from diamond rings, earrings, gemstone pieces and watches. With Sandy, your jewelry is graded and appraised in house and usually done in a same day.

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Item Count Price Item Count Price
1 $110.00 6 $475.00
2 $190.00 7 $550.00
3 $270.00 8 $625.00
4 $340.00 9 $750.00
5 $400.00 10 $825.00

* If you need more than 5 pieces appraised, each item adds $75.

** change effective from 10/03/23

**Please Note**

Sandy is available M-S from 9 AM to 2 PM for appointment only. Please make the appointment using below form.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, need directions or would like to schedule by phone you may call us at – 877.566.5524