A small town Irish girl from Sidney, Nebraska turned Golf Pro has brought her love of fine jewelry and style to Mark’s Diamonds.

When she is not touring with Top Golf, hitting the fairway, or workingwith her Epilepsy awareness foundation, Fly4APurpose, she is expressing her creative side at Mark’s Diamonds.

Fly4apurpose Pendant

“Teaming up with Mark’s Diamonds to make a one-of-a-kind Fly4APurpose necklace has been so fun and rewarding! The team at Mark’s Diamonds has taken me in as part of the family to bring the (Kenzie Kollection) together and the amazing Fly4APurpose necklace to all of you!
Combining two of my loves together, art and jewelry for my foundation has been a dream come true.
Fly4APurpose was started to help raise money and awareness for epilepsy research and the money raised will be donated to the Nicklaus Children’s Brain institute. The bird within the design of my Fly4APurpose necklace holds a special symbolism to me. It represents a feeling of hope and freedom from the daunting symptoms of Epilepsy, and I hope it brings a heart-warming feeling to you as well.
I can’t thank Marks Diamonds enough for helping me raise money with the Fly necklace, where part of the proceeds will be donated to my foundation.”
XOXO Kenzie  
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