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How To Travel with Your Expensive Jewelry

Planning and packing for an upcoming trip can be very daunting—You don’t want to overpack, but you also want to be prepared. You’ve gone over the itinerary and searched for the best local places to visit. Maybe you travel a lot, or perhaps this is a once-in a lifetime trip abroad and you want to […]

Engagement Ring Style Report: The Pear is Back!

Pear shaped diamond engagement rings - Denver Engagement Rings

Trendsetting brides-to-be are giving this classic shape an update. Choosing the right engagement ring for your edgy, trendsetting bride-to-be can be a pear of a problem. If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring as unique as the woman of your dreams, you need look no further: a pear-shaped diamond could be the perfect fit […]

Is It Time to Buy a Ring and Pop the Question?

The perfect proposal

When Is It Time to Buy a Ring and Pop the Question? For any couple, deciding what’s next can be daunting. Whether it’s marriage, kids, or other long-term plans, every couple reaches a crossroad where they ask each other: “What’s next?” No matter how long you’ve been together, marriage is a big step forward for […]

5 Beautiful Celebrity Engagement Rings

Gorgeous celebrity engagement rings

5 Celebrity Engagement Rings That Scream Beauty Who doesn’t love hearing about celebrity engagements? Often, these engagements and the ring that comes with it are so extravagant, we can’t help but stare in wonder. Some of these rings are gorgeous, others are so extravagant it’s a wonder these celebrities leave home with them at all. […]

5 Ways to Get Your Guy’s Attention Before He Proposes

5 Ways to Get Your Guy’s Attention Before He Proposes There comes a time in every relationship where you start to ask what’s next. When it comes to getting married, using one person is thinking about it a little more seriously than the other and has marriage on their mind. If that’s you and you […]

Why a Custom Engagement Ring Resonates with Your Bride to Be

Getting married is a big decision for any couple. When it’s time to propose, there’s a million little details floating around in your head, especially when it comes to what type of engagement ring to buy your bride to be. While many choose to look online and visit jewelry stores, most don’t consider thinking outside […]

5 Tips for Taking the Best Engagement Ring Photo

Getting engaged is exciting by itself but being able to share the moment with your family and friends makes it even more special. One of the quickest and most popular ways to share your engagement is with pictures. Social networking has made this easier than ever by letting you post pictures of your engagement ring […]