Custom Engagement Ring Design

With the artistry and craftsmanship that comes from 35 years’ experience in the engagement ring business, Mark is a Denver custom jeweler who truly designs from the heart. 
Whether you have a specific design concept in mind, or something more amorphous, like sketches, snapshots, or a Pinterest board, we are up to the task. We will work with you to refine each detail of this unique expression of your love, using the latest Cad/Cam computer jewelry design software. 

The crown jewel of this labor of love will be the loose diamond you select with our guidance and expertise. 
This is where our partnership with one of the world’s most respected diamond wholesalers really comes into play. 
Through this partnership, we are able to offer you loose diamonds Denver from around the world, at a fraction of the cost of typical Denver custom jewelers.

5 tips to perfectly maintain your engagement ring 

1.) Insure your ring—immediately! A Personal Articles Policy added on to your renters or homeowner’s insurance is an absolute must now you’ve invested in a sparkler that symbolizes the love between you and your fiancé. We’ve heard stories of people who lost the ring during the proposal, on the honeymoon, or even worse, before the proposal. All it takes is a copy of the appraisal and five minutes on the phone with your agent. It’s worth it. Really.
2.) Clean your ring regularly—use a high end ultrasonic cleaner like the ones we gift to all our newly engaged couples. Soaking in cleaning solution with ultrasonic energy waves will gently clean your ring and keep it looking shiny and new. 
3.) Always put your ring in the same place—no doubt you’ll receive a ring tray or two now that you’re engaged. Place one ring tray either at your bedside or by your bathroom sink, and always place your ring there when you take it off. Never putting your diamond ring anyplace else will help you keep track of it at all times. When you’re on the road, bring along a zippered satin pouch or fold-flat tray to keep up the good habit. 
4.) Call your custom jeweler at the first sign of trouble—daily wear and tear takes its toll on jewelry that’s worn every day. Inadvertently knocking your ring against a hard surface in the course of daily wear may loosen stones set in your ring, and cleaning products can affect its finish. It’s a good idea to take off your rings when you’re doing household chores or heavy lifting, but if you think your stone might be loose, or you notice something unusual, call us right away—we’ll be happy to take care of it!
5.) Take advantage of your jeweler’s yearly maintenance program—many Denver custom jewelers are happy to clean your jewelry and new engagement ring free of charge. Professional cleaning takes a few extra steps that are hard to achieve at home. At Mark’s Diamonds, we take our jewelry maintenance policy a few steps further: we offer lifetime maintenance and repairs in addition to complimentary cleaning. Stop by any time!

5 Ways to Find Out What Engagement Ring She Wants Without Asking

1.) Friend your honey on Pinterest. It’s a well-known fact that any woman hoping to marry the man of her dreams sometime in the near future is probably collecting engagement ring ideas on a Pinterest board.
2.) Ask someone who can keep a secret. Friends, sisters, moms and roommates are all great resources, but they may not all be able to keep a surprise of this magnitude on the down low, so choose wisely. 
3.) Stroll through a jewelry store. Perfect excuses could include purchasing a watch, watch repair, Father’s Day/dad’s birthday, Mother’s Day/mom’s birthday, her birthday, etc. Scope out the store first so you know exactly where to accidentally bump into engagement rings.
4.) Take a good look at the jewelry she wears and make a point of noticing her favorite pieces. Are they mostly white metal, like silver, white gold or platinum, or are they yellow or rose gold? Is her style contemporary or antique, embellished or completely unique to her? No one knows her better than you, and we can help you find the engagement ring setting that will suit her style perfectly.

Top 5 things he’s thinking right after buying you a ring (give him a break!)

1.) Will she say yes?
2.) What if I lose the ring?
3.) How will I pop the question?
4.) Will she like the setting?
5.) Is the stone big enough?

Wedding Planning Hacks: 5 Things the Groom Won’t Mind Taking Care Of

1.) Music
2.) Transportation
3.) After party recommendations
4.) Wedding day activities
5.) Day-after fun

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