Top 5 Reasons Why Women Don’t Want to Propose to Men

1.) What if you say no?
As you may already know, the thought of proposing is terrifying. After all, we’re all fragile beings when it comes to the art of love, and never is that fact more apparent than when a woman (or man) contemplates standing before her soul mate and asking him to spend the rest of his life with her, in spite of all her flaws. The struggle is real. Men have had it rough in this particular department for several centuries. When your significant other takes some time to consider this fact, it becomes more obvious why it can take a man sooooooo long to propose, even when you know your relationship is ready.

2.) Even if you do say yes, what if you don’t really mean it?
Seriously. Everything she’s Googled, people she works with, her friends and family, and even randos she meets on the street, will probably tell her that you might not really mean it if you say yes when/if she does pop the question. This fact ties in significantly with points one and three. With regard to point one, the social discouragement women encounter when proposing marriage to men is a disappointing fact the opposite sex doesn’t generally deal with—most people are very encouraging when a man confides he’s planning to propose. With regard to point three, one of the main arguments workmates, friends, family and strangers make is that a woman proposing marriage somehow subverts the natural order of things and robs a man of this sacred rite of passage.

3.) She doesn’t want to steal your thunder (Google!).
If marriage is a consideration in your relationship, she’s probably still tied to tradition enough that she’s taking your pride into account. Even if she is strong and independent, is confident in your relationship, and is willing to shrug off traditional gender roles in other arenas. You’ve probably been attending weddings, hanging out with married family and friends, and tiptoeing around marriage talk for quite a while, but she still might worry about spoiling your grand gesture by proposing first. If your girlfriend does propose first and you had been planning your own proposal, why not go ahead with your plans anyway? The delight of surprising her with a romantic gesture and an engagement ring will be even more fun now that the pressure is off!

4.) Her friends and family may be discouraging her.
If this point hasn’t been made abundantly clear above, do a quick Google search “Should a woman propose to a man?” and you’ll see that the top result (as of writing this blog post) hyperbolically begins, “H&!! NO! Absolutely not!” We wholeheartedly disagree, but people’s discomfort with women proposing marriage to men can be disheartening for a woman who is thinking about proposing to her boyfriend. For a more encouraging take on things, check out this blog post on A Practical Wedding, which details the writer’s marriage proposal and has tons of great women-proposing-to-men stories in the comments section, too.

5.) She’s not sure what to replace a diamond engagement ring with.
If she’s planning to propose, she’ll want to make a special gesture, just as if the shoe were on the other foot. If you think your girlfriend might be planning to propose, drop some hints about what you might like. Mark’s diamonds has a huge a selection of men’s rings, luxury watches, and we can craft any piece of custom jewelry imaginable. Check out our Men’s Engagement + Wedding Gift board on Pinterest for some ideas.

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