Unique Engagement Rings For An Active Partner

Many people lead active lives that put them at risk of losing or damaging the jewelry they wear. If your partner has a ring that doesn’t measure up to the daily rigors of their life, a common solution is to have them take it off when engaging in the activities that put it at risk. But let’s be honest–constantly removing your ring may cause you to lose it. An alternative solution? Talk with your partner about getting your current engagement ring re-set or getting a unique, active-lifestyle friendly engagement ring instead. Below, our experts compiled a list of all the unique engagement rings and settings that would easily suit an active, Coloradan lifestyle.

Bezel Settings

You can easily identify bezel settings because they use a thin layer of precious metal to hold the diamond to the band instead of traditional settings’ prongs. The metal circles used for the setting come up over the edges of the entire stone to form a smooth protective edge that keeps it securely in place.

This setting has many benefits for the active partner. First, there are no prongs that can get caught on anything. And since there are no prongs, there’s no need to worry about them bending and breaking, which can lead to losing the stone (Eek! We definitely don’t want that). Also, the metal girdle not only holds the stone in place, but protects it as well. The edges of the stone will not show with this type of setting, so the potential of hitting the edge and chipping the stone is also gone.

One drawback? A bezel setting’s hidden edges make a stone look smaller. Thus, if you’re an active partner or your partner is on the active side, speak with them about which thing they value more: trying one of the many unique engagement rings out there to suit their active lifestyle or trying an engagement ring that shows off their central diamond or gemstone.

Channel Settings

Another excellent option for women who lead active lifestyles? The channel setting. This setting features a groove or canal for the diamonds to sit. Also, precious metals create strips on two sides of the ring. The diamonds or chosen gemstones fit snugly in place before the two sides are added to the ring, and the channel reaches up over the top edges of the stones. The channel setting is trendy for anniversary bands. It is also advantageous for other styles, particularly for rings that need to hold up to an active lifestyle.

Like the bezel setting, the channel setting does not use prongs to hold the stones in place. Unique engagement rings that use the channel setting also enjoy the benefits of edge protection for the stones. However, one downside is this: the channel setting is not as secure as the bezel because not all sides are secure with the metal.

Adding Extra Prongs

If you prefer the look of a more traditional setting with prongs, a good option is a ring with six prongs. The additional prongs will help hold the stone in place better than a standard four-prong ring.

Choose Smaller Stones

When choosing from one of many unique engagement rings for your partner, opting for a larger stone is common. But, as we stated previously, there may be better choices for people who lead active lifestyles. When you are constantly on the go, you need a stone that is a bit smaller. Now, just because they’re smaller doesn’t mean they’re any less stately or glamorous than larger stones. Small stones can still be awe-inspiring and gorgeous! So, avoid getting caught up in the idea that you have to have a huge rock on your finger if it means you constantly knock it on hard surfaces and loosen it from its setting. It’s far better to get a stone that fits your partner’s lifestyle so it can stay safely and securely on their finger.

Band Width

People who lead active lifestyles should also consider having an engagement ring with a wider band that can withstand more stress and wear and tear than narrow bands. Narrow bands have a tendency to bend and lose their shape. Wider bands can withstand a lot of pressure and need more force thrust upon them to bend or break.

Unique Engagement Rings Are Our Speciality

If you love having an active lifestyle or your partner has adopted a more athletic routine, it’s important to consider having an engagement ring that can live up to the task. Our team at Mark’s Diamonds would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect engagement ring.

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