Where to Hide a Ring Box

where to hide a ring box

You’ve gotten it, the perfect engagement ring. You’ve picked it up and secured it in it’s special box, but you don’t want your partner to find it. Now what do you do? Where do you hide a ring box till you pop the big question? What about on the day of the proposal? You don’t want that square box bulging out of your pocket and ruining the surprise. You start to panic. Never fear, we are here with great ideas on where to hide that ring box so your partner won’t find it till you’re pulling it out for the big proposal.

You’ve got the box- Where do you hide it? Ultimately you know your space best, but if you’re struggling to come up with a good spot to hide the box, we’ve got you covered.

High Up & Down Low

Start by looking for places your partner wouldn’t normally look or go such as places up high or down low. Look into your closet. Is there room in the back of your bottom drawer? Or maybe up on a shelf behind the bag of hand me downs that have yet to be dropped off at the Goodwill. Consider even placing the box inside a pair of shoes that are tucked away or hidden on a shelf in the garage behind some tools. Regardless of where you place it be sure to keep it in a location that is dry and free from food, water, or chemicals.

Friends & Family

If you’re worried you don’t have a hiding spot good enough to keep the surprise, consider giving it to a friend or family member to hold onto. If you’re okay with friends and family helping with the engagement surprise then this is a great option because theres very little chance of your significant finding the ring if it’s with someone else!

Out of Season

Another idea for hiding the box before the proposal is to hide it in something that is out of season. For example, hiding the box in a pair of ski boots or winter coat if you’re proposing in the Summer. Likewise, if its wintertime perhaps storing your box in with your summer clothes. It doesn’t just have to be clothes either! Maybe hide it with the halloween decorations that only get brought out once a year or with the Easter baskets you store for when your niece and nephew come for the holidays.

The day of the proposal has come. You’re already nervous enough the last thing you need is to stress about spoiling the surprise! Here are a few ways to hide the engagement ring on the day of the proposal.

Box Sock

When researching the best ways to hide the engagement ring the day of the proposal we came across this amazing item, the Box Sock. It is a pair of socks that have a small slip in the sock that holds a thin box that holds your ring. The inventors of these socks came to the idea when they themselves were struggling to figure out what to do with the ring. Wearing a loose fitting jacket could give away the surprise and isn’t a guarantee that they won’t be able to feel the box in your pocket. The Box Sock avoids that issue all together! It also has an elastic on the pocket to keep the ring safe and secure up until the moment you get on one knee.

Secret Compartment

Channel your inner spy by getting a “secret compartment” to keep the ring in. Think of an everyday object thats not quite what it seems. Take something as simple as a phone case or lint roller that can have a secret compartment in it to hold your ring. There are many everyday objects that come with secret compartments that will be big enough to hold your ring. For example, you could use a “lipstick” or “pen” that are actually hollowed out to hold things.

Ditch the Box

If all else fails, why not get a little creative and ditch the box all together? For example, if you’re going on a walk along the beach you may want to consider wearing the ring around your neck in a necklace under your shirt. When it comes time to propose you simple take the necklace off and propose. If you’re having a picnic you may be able to hide it in the box with all the snacks as a cover. When the time comes to grab everything out of the basket you can grab the ring and pull it out already on one knee.

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