Why a Custom Engagement Ring Resonates with Your Bride to Be

Getting married is a big decision for any couple. When it’s time to propose, there’s a million little details floating around in your head, especially when it comes to what type of engagement ring to buy your bride to be. While many choose to look online and visit jewelry stores, most don’t consider thinking outside the box when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. While a classic engagement ring might get the job done, a custom engagement ring will show your future wife just how much you know her.

Why to Consider a Custom Engagement Ring for Your Proposal

A custom engagement ring showcases just how much you know about your significant other. Whether it’s a certain type of stone or theme, this type of custom ring is something that will tug at the heart for a lifetime. The thought, creativity, and ingenuity that goes into custom engagement rings can turn a proposal into something more. The subtle, or not-so-subtle, details you choose to integrate into an engagement ring show more than you can imagine to the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

We mentioned how the stone or theme can make for some of the best custom engagement rings. When it comes to stones, many opt for the traditional diamond no matter the carat size on engagement rings. While this is traditional and often expected, there’s a variety of sizes, shapes, and types of stones out there. Consider a birthstone to highlight either your birthday or her birthday; consider a unique stone that means something to her, too, then design the rest of the engagement ring around that stone for something one of a kind to propose with.

The theme is another concept many forget to consider when proposing. If you share a common interest, such as art, video gaming, or the great outdoors, there are different ways to incorporate these themes into creating a custom engagement ring. Just look at Pinterest for the thousands of ways themes are integrated into the design of a ring and you can see how easy it is to create a custom engagement ring for your proposal that’s sure to have her saying yes.

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