Winter Is Actually The Best Time to Propose

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Are you ready to propose but feel like you need to wait until spring? Mark’s Diamonds wants to remind you that there’s no calendar date that marks the best time to propose. When you know, you just know. Winter can be the perfect time to take the next step in your relationship and propose.

At our store, we do a lot of work with our clients to help them find the perfect ring. With our commitment to quality, ethically-sourced diamonds and the happiness of our customers, we wanted to take the time to talk about why you should consider winter for your engagement.

Families Come Together

Even if you’re not old-fashioned and choose to skip the honored tradition of asking the father for his blessings before you become engaged, it’s still a joyous occasion to share with friends and family. During the winter, with all the holidays, people tend to gather together. This gives you the perfect opportunity to share the love you have found with everyone that is important to you, whether it’s a special trip for the engagement or a get-together afterward, which some would say is the best time to propose. It’s a wonderful setting for a surprise engagement, where you can both be surrounded with well-wishes and support from the people that mean the most to you.

Also, for both of you, it’s a very considerate gesture to have family members there to celebrate your union. It’s also the first official moment of combining your two families into one through your love. If you propose during a family gathering, you’re making a statement about unity and togetherness for everyone.

Start A New Year Together

It might be a little cliche, but this is another reason why people believe winter to be the best time to propose. If you’re confident that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, why not make New Year’s Eve the night to propose? It’s a symbolic gesture of starting your new year with a new level of commitment to your relationship, and a desire to not spend another year as anything but husband and wife.

With the variety of events and New Year’s Eve parties available, you’ll have a choice of venues in which to plan your engagement date. Everyone will be celebrating the new year, while you can take the opportunity to enjoy it as a newly engaged couple and start the year planning your wedding and lives together.

So don’t shy away. When the ball drops at midnight, it is the perfect time to present your intended with a beautiful engagement ring and ask them to be your bride. It’s the ultimate in romantic gestures and is sure to be her favorite New Year’s Eve in memory.

Magic Is In The Air

Especially as the holidays grow near, people feel that the season is the best time to propose. There’s just something magical about fall and winter! No matter what you choose to celebrate, people seem uplifted, happier and more joyful. Everything becomes more festive, and the general mood seems to lift. As winter deepens, signs of celebration are everywhere. Festive music is piped onto the sidewalks, shops decorate with lanterns and lights, and people bundle up to enjoy winter activities.

We all get excited about the New Year and begin making plans for everything we hope it brings. The mood is infectious, and it’s difficult to resist for anyone. Choosing winter to plan your special day can help ensure that the memories of the moment will always be viewed in the same excited light.

Mark’s Diamonds’ Engagement Rings

When it comes to something as important as marriage, Mark’s Diamonds knows how vital it is to have the perfect setting for the moment. Don’t discount the festive atmosphere of winter and what it can bring to your wedding.

Congratulations on finding the love of your life, and remember that Mark’s Diamonds is always here to help you find just the right ring to make your proposal story magical.

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