Fashion Jewelry Styling Tips

Many people who are interested in being fashionable are willing and eager to experiment with different clothing and accessories. However, one area that people struggle with is incorporating jewelry into everyday style. Adding a necklace or bangle makes sense for a night out, but otherwise, there’s a good chance that perfectly good jewelry is going unused most days. Here are some great tips for getting the most out of your jewelry that will help you look your absolute best for any occasion and any day of the year.

Less is More

If you find yourself struggling to add jewelry at all,  do not overcompensate by wearing too many pieces at once. For example, layering a few necklaces is captivating enough. Do not add to it by wearing a bracelet as well.

The other aspect of the minimalist technique is to experiment with how various jewels accent your wardrobe. Try on some of your favorite clothing and pay close attention to which jewels complement which outfits.

Overall, a well-placed necklace, ring, or earring can speak much louder than a collection of pieces all competing for attention.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Avoid adding too much color to an outfit. Any individual piece that’s “too busy” has to be balanced out by something plain and monochromatic. However, you can be a bit more eccentric with jewelry since the piece will not be the center of attention.

Experimentation is critical, as it will help you understand what works best. If you have a vibrant red necklace, see how it looks with a white or black top. If you have emerald earrings, they might go perfectly with a blue or yellow dress. Keep trying different combinations until you find what suits you best.

 It helps to understand which hues are complementary and which ones are on the same scale. For example, red and green complement each other because they are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Red and orange, however, can blend together to create a more uniform appearance.

Layers of Beauty

One of the simplest and most captivating ways to get more out of your jewelry is to wear multiple pieces simultaneously. The easiest pieces to layer if you’re new to the fashion jewelry styling game are necklaces and bracelets.

For your neck, wear necklaces of varying lengths to draw focus to your face. On your wrist, mix bangles with thinner bracelets to create a vivid and textural appearance. Again, stick with the mantra, “less is more.” Not only will that advice help you avoid going overboard, but it will be much easier to maintain practicality.

Switch Up Your Earring Game

The fastest way to upgrade your sense of style is to swap your earrings out regularly. Removing your mainstay earrings ensures that you can clean them, which is crucial.

As far as incorporating earrings into your fashion, keep these factors in mind:

  • Will your hair be up or down? If down, will people be able to see your earrings?
  • What other pieces are you planning to wear?
  • Will the earrings accentuate your facial features?
  • Do you want to draw attention to your face? Typically, longer, more dangly earrings will do that, while studs or smaller pieces are less noticeable.

Accent or Main Attraction

When adding jewelry to your daily routine, consider whether the pieces will be the main course of your outfit or just a side dish. If your clothing is relatively simple, then jewelry will stand out more. If you want to capture attention with a stunning dress or ensemble, then your jewels will only heighten its appearance.  

Either way, you need to understand what will draw people’s attention first and then go from there.

Getting Sentimental

Sometimes a piece of jewelry is more about the sentimentality behind it rather than the fashion statement it makes. You can incorporate emotionally-meaningful pieces into an outfit whether you are dressed to the nines or sporting your favorite athleisure wear. Use it as a baseline and build from there so that it is both tasteful and meaningful.

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