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Mark was amazing. He made sure we were 100% happy with my engagement ring. He took the time to show me all of my options. He could almost read my mind when I tried something on I was not positive I liked…

Siri / Nelson

DON’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE! My fiancé worked with Ashley at Mark’s Diamonds to design a beautiful ring. From what I understand it took about 1 month from start to finish…

Lauren / Barcik

My fiance and I were extremely happy to find the rings that we were looking for. They even had my little ring size. Mark and his staff were so helpful and friendly from the minute we walked in.I would recommend everyone to visit Mark’s Diamonds if you are going to buy engagement rings!

Ashley / Thompson

Wow!Where do I begin!I had the pleasure of working with Bobby!He was super professional and accommodating from the first phone call.I decided to come in to see about resetting my diamond to a new setting. I didn’t have an appointment, but they were happy to see me right away…

Liz / Tait

Mark is amazing!His entire staff is welcoming and helpful!We are always treated well and give Marks Diamonds our highest recommendation.

Now to the product!Fabulous!They always have a great variety and quality to choose from!

Sarah / Zak

After calling other jewelers and getting short, rude or unclear answers to my questions, I called Mark’s Diamonds and finally spoke to someone who was personable and knowledgeable. This led my fiance and I to go into their office to speak about and get pricing to resize our rings. The experience in the office with the jeweler and Ashley was great…

Alec / Short

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