We got engaged 6/2/16 in Cabo, Mexico at Flora Farms. He took me to the beach by surprise as a last minute “mini-vacation”…I had no idea!  We stayed at the One and Only (where we stayed on our first ever vacation together!) and he had the whole thing planned- down to hiring a professional photographer!  It was perfect!

When I actually realized it was happening, I cried non-stop and after a few minutes he had to ask if there was a “yes” anywhere 😉  of course I said 1,000,000 times yes (still the BEST YES I have ever said in my life!)

I love EVERYTHING about my engagement ring….mostly it’s meaning (don’t mean to be cheesy but it’s true!)  I also especially  love the cut of the stone (assher) it is so special and different and gorgeous…and I love that Dustin set out to find this special cut for me, and had so much input in it’s design and look.  I would not trade it for anything!

We got married last August 5, 2017 in the magical town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Mexico obviously is very special to us, but we did not know about SMDA before visiting it for the first time on the recommendation of our wedding planner, Todd Fiscus of Todd Events out of Texas.  Todd was already there and took a whole day out of his vacation to tour us around, it didn’t take but a few hours before we both KNEW this is where we wanted to get married.  I’ll never forget, we were walking out of a gorgeous house, right around lunch time, and Dustin and I looked at each other and said “this is it!”.  Of course, the tears came right along with it!

We chose the Rosewood in San Miguel for our ceremony and reception and had 4 parties total starting with the welcome party on Thursday.  It was truly magical and we would not change a thing about it!  (Todd and his team absolutely nailed it and did not leave ANY detail uncovered!).  

It was the weekend of our dreams and married life is amazing, we are more in love every day…next up- babies!! 🙂