At Mark’s Diamonds & Mark’s Watches, we provide full level service including the following:
1.  Appraisals of watches and jewelry
2.  Jewelry repair.
3.  Watch repair.

At Mark’s Diamonds, we have a wonderful jewelry repair staff including Master Jeweler, Tim Strong, who is one of the best bench jewelers in the world.
Tim’s expertise goes well above and beyond traditional jewelers.Tim leads the Jewelry Repair Team at Mark’s Diamonds. For the best jewelry repair in Denver, schedule an appointment with Mark’s Diamonds by calling 720.449.4117 or simply use the form below.


Mark’s Diamonds also provides an in-house appraisal service. Our Certified Gemologist/Appraiser is Sandy Kounalis G.G. Sandy provides the most professional experience and best appraisals in the industry. Her many years of experience and expertise are virtually unparalleled. Call us at 720.449.4117 to schedule an appraisal appointment with Mark’s Diamonds or simply fill out the form below.

Mark’s Diamonds

Address & Parking

3033 E. 1st Ave.
Suite 503
Denver, CO 80206

We validate parking in the ANB Bank Building parking lot just north of 1st Avenue.  From the parking lot, enter the building from the 2nd floor attached bridge and take the elevator to the fifth floor.

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**Please Note**

If you wish to visit the Mark’s Diamonds showroom between 5:00 – 9:00 PM, you may schedule an appointment by booking 24 hours in advance. We look forward to serving you.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns; would like to schedule by phone; or need directions, Call us at: 877.766.2757

Mark Hadley and the Team at Mark’s Diamonds and Mark’s Watches