The April Birthstone: The Diamond

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People are who were born in April rejoice- you get what just may be, in our biased opinion, the most beautiful of all of the stones- the diamond! Though there is some debate on the April birthstone, tradition shows that the diamond is it indeed, and modern times seem to agree.

A birthstone, or a natal stone as they are also referred to, are stones that are designated to your month of birth, that appeared to have been traced back to the Bible times.

Let’s get into the diamond itself, though. The name “diamond” came from the Greek word ‘adamas’ meaning “unconquerable” or “indestructible.” For this reason, and because diamonds take billions of years to form (unless it is a lab-grown diamond), the diamond is usually one of the more expensive gemstones. As the diamond is known as the “King of all birthstones,” you can see why this is the perfect gift not only for an engagement ring, but for a birthday present.

As for why the diamond was chosen to represent April, it is believed that the symbolism of the diamond -romance, serenity, grace, strength- relates to the tendencies of those born in April. Those born in April are resilient, so it not surprising that as the hardest natural material on Earth, the diamond represents this month and these people! Similarly, due to the hardness of a diamond, only a diamond can scratch another diamond! Lastly, just as those born in April can be hard to read or mysterious, the diamond can reflect light from themselves in thousands of ways.

Here are a few more fun facts you may not have known about the April birthstone:

  1. Diamonds form roughly 100 miles below the Earth, and are carried to the surface via volcanic activity. 
  2. The United States is the largest diamond market
  3. Diamonds are the only gemstones made of only one element, that element being pure carbon.
  4. Archduke Maxmillian of Austria supposedly gifted Mary of Burgundy the first engagement ring in 1477. 
  5. Only about 30% of diamonds that are mined are deemed worthy of being cut and sold. 

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