Give Them A Moment In Time

Recently, we discovered that when you give the perfect piece, you aren’t just giving jewelry, but also a moment in time.

A moment that takes you back. A moment that helps you remember what’s most important. A moment shared with those you love most to hold close.

Let us share some of these moments in time with you.

The moment when you decided…it’s forever. 

This moment, the moment you decide on “forever,” is one of the most pivotal, emotional, and beautiful moments of your life. When either of you see that ring, it will instantaneously bring you back to that moment. When picking the engagement ring, picture what you want to see not only everyday, but also when you lovingly daydream about that moment.

The moment you chose to love yourself first. 

We polled our customer base to ask what they thought of when they looked at their favorite piece of jewelry, and an overwhelming amount talked about how it made them feel… like themselves. What we took away from this was that we often think of gift giving jewelry to others, but giving ourselves the gift of a beautiful piece of jewelry is just as powerful and potent. Self-love is the ultimate love, so give yourself the moment of putting yourself first. 

The moment you saw yourself in her.

Any parent knows that moments, days, weeks, years, fly by as you watch your child grow up. When you give her a piece of jewelry to solidify one of those moments, you will both freeze that memory and make it that much stronger to look back on. Mark’s has a wide range of beautiful yet realistic jewelry to give her- from tiny studs to simple necklaces. 

It is in these times that a memory will live on far after the moment is gone.

When you give them the perfect piece of jewelry, you are giving them so much more. What is the piece of jewelry you are giving them going to remind them of every time they look down at it? How will that piece make them feel? How will it make you feel? 

Give them Mark’s, give them a moment, give them a memory. 

To see more on “A Moment In Time” head to our Youtube channel below to see the full video. 

A Moment in time video

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