Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas You Might Just Love

non-traditional wedding ideas

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be stressful. There’s a plethora of “rules” and “traditions” attached to weddings, some of which you may not understand or want in your wedding. If you’re looking to add a little something unique and “non-traditional” to your wedding, look no further! It’s 2022 and you get to do whatever you want on your special day. There’s no rules or guidelines you need to follow in planning your special day, just your heart, and non-traditional wedding ideas can help make your day perfect. Here are 10 non-traditional wedding ideas to inspire your wedding planning!

1. Private Last Dance

As the wedding reception is coming to a close, you’ve spent the day getting ready, shedding tears, spending time with loved ones, and of course, enjoying your new partner. You may be running on an adrenaline high, you could be running out of energy, stop and take a moment to breathe and share one final moment with your partner. At the end of the evening allow all your guests to exit the venue and wait for your final exit outside. While everyone is gathering outside for your big exit, share a private and intimate last dance with your significant other. There’s nothing else to do but hold your partner, take in that moment, and reminisce on the beautiful wedding day you had.

2. Letters Before the ceremony

The day has finally come. You’re dressed, styled, and ready to walk down the aisle and say “I do”. Take one final moment to read the personal handwritten letter your significant other wrote for you. If you don’t want to see each other you can stand on opposite sides of a wall and read together so as not to see each other before the wedding begins. This is especially a great option if you are doing traditional vows and want to have your own words expressed on the wedding day.

3. Stand Out in White

We all know the number one rule of being a wedding guest is not to wear white to the wedding. In addition, you never want to over shadow the bride. If you want to stand out and make all your wedding photos pop, ask all your guest to stick to one color. For example, when sending out the invitations ask that all guests wear black and you and your partner can be the only two in white!

4. A Circular Ceremony

One big complaint we hear from guests during the wedding ceremony is that it can be difficult for everyone to have a good seat to view the ceremony. One idea is to have a circular ceremony where there is a platform in the center circle for the wedding couple and officiant to stand on during the ceremony. All the other guests will be seated on the floor in a circle around the platform in the center. This allows you truly to be the center of focus at the ceremony and everyone has a great view.

5. CAMP wedding venue

Now this one may be more on the non-traditional side but was a must include. If you’re looking to have a smaller more intimate wedding consider renting out a campground for the weekend! There are beautiful scenic areas for pictures and an outdoor ceremony. There’s a main hall for the reception that you can decorate to transform and lastly, theres cabins for all of your wedding party to stay in for the weekend. When people arrive they’ll receive a “camp map” filled out with the locations of everything they’ll need for the wedding. You can even have your final exit off into a boat on the lake. As one of our favorite non-traditional wedding ideas, you can incorporate this seamlessly in our beautiful home state of Colorado.

6. rotary phone guest book

This is a non-traditional wedding trend we’ve been obsessed with lately. Instead of having a traditional guest book where people sign or leave you a letter, use a rotary phone as your guestbook! Throughout the wedding reception guests can come up and record a message for the wedding couple on the phone. This way you can keep the phone in your newly wed home and hear all the messages anytime you want.

7. mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Let’s be real, how many times have you been a bridesmaid and had to buy a dress for the wedding that you’ll never wear again? The answer is probably too many. One non-traditional trend we’ve been seeing to combat this is mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Now you may be thinking, all those different dresses on the alter will distract from the ceremony. No need to worry, let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses but give them a color scheme or one color to stick to. This way they can pick a dress they love, is flattering on them and can be worn again!

8. wedding cape

Want to shake up your attire for the wedding day? Instead of the traditional bridal veil, opt for a bridal cape instead. This trend has become increasingly popular lately and we’re seeing a ton of beautiful renditions of the bridal cape. There are many different ways to style your cape. You could have it trail off the back of your dress almost like a veil or train would. Another option is to go with a shorter cape, or even a circular cape that covers your shoulders. The possibilities are endless!

9. Mixed wedding party

Traditionally the groom has groomsmen and the bride has bridesmaids. This, however, is a tradition we’re seeing less of and more mixed parties with men and women on both sides of the party. For some people, they want to have their siblings in their wedding party regardless of their gender. Others may have a best woman or man of honor in their life. No matter the reason, mixed wedding parties are here to stay. This specific choice is one of our favorite non-traditional wedding ideas because you can incorporate all of your loved ones in a way that makes sense for you and you partner.

10. Disposable Cameras

Another one of our favorite non-traditional wedding ideas for your guests is to leave disposable cameras on each of your guests tables to be able to take pics freely throughout the evening. This is a great way to get candid shots of everyone enjoying your special day. When you get back from your honeymoon you’ll return to all the developed film from the wedding day and get to look through all the photos of everyone having a good time celebrating. You even can get copies and send them out with your thank you cards.

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