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White Gold VS. Platinum — Which Is The Best Metal For Your Engagement Ring?

White gold and platinum are both beautiful metals that work well with engagement rings. They look similar but are actually very different from each other. We’re going to compare them in appearance, durability, cost, and comfort. Appearance White gold metal is made of gold, alloys, and rhodium plating. The plating is part of what gives […]

Winter Is Actually The Perfect Time To Propose

Are you ready to propose but feel like you need to wait until spring? Mark’s Diamonds wants to remind you that there’s no calendar date on expressing your love. When you know, you just know. Winter can be the perfect time to take the next step in your relationship and propose. At our store, we […]

Protect Your Engagement Ring: The Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Care

If you’ve recently gotten engaged or married, you are likely the new owner of a beautiful ring. Since you’ll be wearing that ring nearly every day of your life, you should know some simple tips to keep it looking its best and protect your investment. We’ve created an easy guide to help you understand the […]